Friday, June 27, 2008

Twin Peaks

...wrapped in plastic.





Yeah, it's a tribute to a candy.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Battlefield Earth

So, Battlefield Earth was pretty crappy, huh?
I guess that's not the most controversial stance to hold, all things considered.


As tribute to its badness, I bestowed upon the film the 'Barbarino Seal of Derision.' So dubbed after the star of the movie, Mr. John Travolta. I was thinking this could be a regular thing: awarding particularly painful films with this seal. But ultimately, I only used it two other times (which will eventually be posted).

But the thing is, I usually like movies. FAR more often than not. I like movies that other people hate. I think I just so much enjoy the very act of having a story told to me, that it has to be truly terrible for me to not enjoy it on some level.

And beyond that, the masthead animations take time and effort, and it's hard to get up a head of steam to animate one for a movie that I love, let alone bothering to do it for one that I don't. Especially when there are plenty of great films waiting in the wings, which I could be animating something for instead.

And finally... There's more than enough negativity in the AICN talkbacks. I really don't need to add to it with snotty slams against films that people worked hard on. I'll stick to animating positive and enriching subject matter... like disembowelments, and beheadings.

Trip to the Moon

It's not the animation that's choppy - it's an homage!


Yeah! In fact... Anytime my animation is choppy it's homage. Sure!

Friday, June 13, 2008


Seeing as Father's Day is just around the corner, it's only sensible to post the Mother's Day head:




Been a while. Back now. Regular updates will now resume.

Here's something slightly different:


Beyond the heads, I designed (based on descriptions from the man himself) character avatars for the AICN spies. Unfortunately, a lot of these spies had slowed or stopped entirely their contributions by the time I became involved so a great many of these characters have never been used on the site (except as 'cafe press' merch)

Anyway, they're a motley crew, but I always liked them.

Wow, that image is a lot lower resolution than I had thought. I'll try to fix this when I next get the chance.